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The name is a reference to ‘common sense’, which sadly seems to be decreasing over time. People are talking about building walls, although we all know that we must first overcome the walls in our heads in order to really understand current and future problems.

In a rapidly developing world it’s most important that we don’t forget the key values of humanity. Morality and common sense are the core of every society, and I wanna make sure that we never forget that. I want people to think and double-check, not to blindly belief everything they hear or read.

We are all the same, and then, we are not… I want people to understand that every individual has the same basic needs, hopes and fears despite color, sexuality and religion. Some people may call me a dreamer because I think it’s possible to live in a world without war, torture and hate, but hey, I’m not perfect. Nonetheless, I won’t stop fighting for what is supposed to be right. And you shouldn’t either…

Let’s make the future count.